The vaccination specialists of SHOTS, etc. are dedicated to providing the safest, most cost effective and comprehensive vaccination services available to companies and individuals in the greater Nashville metropolitan area as well as other cities across Tennessee . The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) report that only one-fourth of the nation's adult population is properly vaccinated against the twenty-one infectious diseases for which we have vaccines available! Because we are a reputable provider with over ten years experience in administering mass immunizations, we are charged by the CDC to help improve the vaccination rate of the American people, across Tennessee.

SHOTS etc. believes the main reason we have such a low compliance rate for adult vaccinations is because of a lack of education. Therefore, we have dedicated ourselves to sharing our knowledge and expertise with the public in many ways, not only about vaccines we need as adults, but also about vaccines our children and other family members need to stay healthy at work, at school and at play. We are committed to educating and providing vaccination services to adults in the workplace and to adolescents and adults at schools, churches and other groups needing vaccinations. We offer services for individuals and groups at our Middle Tennessee office in Franklin/Cool Springs.Our nursing professionals are specifically trained to be able to give you vital information you need regarding vaccines and other health issues and to administer each vaccination with the utmost knowledge and skill to be certain you are protected and safe when receiving the vaccination. Our Medical Director is Dr. John D. Crawford, M.D. He is credentialed as a Family Medicine specialist with his primary practice located in Collierville, Tennessee. Dr. Crawford provides full medical oversight for the administration of all services provided by SHOTS, etc., but does not see patients in the Nashville area offices at this time.

We thank you for your interest in the services of SHOTS, etc and trust that all of your questions will be answered with the information you find here. Feel free to browse through our website, taking advantage of the various links to the CDC website for more information. You can call us or email us with your questions at or to schedule your individual or group appointment at We look forward to helping you, your company's employees and family members get up-to-date on the vaccinations everyone needs to stay healthy!