Are you or someone you love having any of these problems?

SHOTS, etc. now offers a Comprehensive Health Evaluation with our Board Certified Nurse Practitioner, Brittany Estrada Anderson to determine the underlying cause of your problems …once and for all!

It could be that your estrogen or testosterone is low…but then again, it could be your adrenal or thyroid glands are not working as they should. It may be something else altogether and you need to cleanse your body of the buildup of toxins that we all have from the food we eat, the air we breathe, the medications we take and the water we drink!

SHOTS, etc. has adopted a progressive, integrative approach to treating your symptoms. While many practitioners choose to treat symptoms with various medications, we seek to find the root cause of the problem…and fix it! Our approach provides a comprehensive view of what is actually going on in YOUR body. The bottom line is, the key to better health is balance, so that the body can function the way it was designed.

Our cost-effective program is committed to evaluating each person as a unique individual. This is the first step in determining what treatment is appropriate to promote optimum physical and mental health for that particular individual. Using an integrative medicine approach, we will perform a Comprehensive Health Evaluation that includes up to 60 blood tests, a complete physical exam and a detailed evaluation of personal and family medical history, lifestyle habits and nutritional intake.

Under the oversight of our Medical Director, our Nurse Practitioner will review all of your results and will provide you with specific suggestions for treatment of your symptoms. She will work with you to develop a plan that best fits your wellness goals, your lifestyle and your budget. Your choices of a personalized program will include ongoing counselling, individual dietary and lifestyle modifications, weight management and nutritional supplements and may include the use of hormone creams or tablets, injections or pellets, depending on your individual blood test results and symptoms. (Thankfully, many hormonal imbalances can be simply treated with dietary and lifestyle changes and nutritional supplements or with small doses of creams or tablets while others will need hormone pellets inserted under the skin.) Unlike other practitioners, SHOTS, etc. believes that since everyone is not the same, treatment should not be the same for everyone.

As part of your treatment plan, you will also be supported by opportunities to attend classes on nutrition and food preparation, exercise and other topics related to health and disease prevention and be a part of a community of people dedicated to a healthier lifestyle! Our nursing professionals at our Cool Springs/Franklin office and our featured speakers are knowledgeable and dedicated to sharing with our patients a holistic approach to caring for our bodies. Their expertise in promoting optimum health and wellness is greatly respected and appreciated by those who share the same philosophy, including some physicians.

So don't continue feeling bad…

let SHOTS, etc. determine the underlying cause of your symptoms

and start you on YOUR path to a healthier, happier life!

Call 615-469-7413 today for your Comprehensive Health Evaluation!

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