What We Offer Employers

As a Human Resources Professional or Company Manager, you know that the "buzz " in the workplace today is related to "Employee Health and Wellness. The health and wellness of their employees is an issue that is very important to the bottom-line of every company, whether it employs two people or thousands. A new survey shows that programs that focus on disease prevention, managing specific diseases and helping employees with health issues such as weight management and smoking cessation, along with Health Savings Accounts may be just the prescription a company needs for slowing double-digit health benefit costs!

In addition to the group services described below, SHOTS, etc. offers onsite services for specific employee groups. These services include Urine Drug Screens for pre-employment and random testing, TB Skin Tests, Hepatitis B vaccines and blood titres for your designated first responders and others who may encounter blood-borne pathogens, Tetanus and Hepatitis A vaccines for those who may be exposed to human waste and all travel vaccines recommended for international work responsibilities.


Disease prevention is by far the most cost-effective way to keep healthcare costs in check. The vaccination of employees in the workplace at your Company Flu Clinic is a simple yet significant way to reduce both healthcare costs and productivity losses associated with influenza illness. SHOTS, etc. is a company that specializes in providing influenza and other vaccinations to adults in the workplace. During the fall and winter months, we will send our team of carefully trained Registered Nurses to your workplace to administer influenza vaccinations to those employees and their family members who wish to participate. We are happy to file for insurance reimbursement through your company insurance carrier as well as other companies that may cover your employees through spousal coverage. Presently, we are in-network with Blue Cross/Blue Shield, United Healthcare and CIGNA and we are in the process of contracting with other insurors, as well. Company Flu Clinics can be scheduled in conjunction with a Health Fair or Health Risk Assessment program if you desire. Whether your company has ten or ten thousand employees, SHOTS, etc. has a reputation of being the most organized, most time-efficient and most cost-effective provider of vaccines in the greater Nashville metropolitan area! Let the vaccination specialists of SHOTS, etc. be YOUR choice for keeping your employees healthy and on-the-job this year!

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Our Health Risk Assessment (HRA) program will help identify specific risk factors that influence your employees present and future health. By identifying these risk factors, your company will see what behaviors, good and bad, affect your employees' lives. This information can then be used to initiate certain programs to help your employees manage the lifestyle changes that will help them lead happier, healthier lives, both on the job and off! Numerous studies have shown that healthy employees have a higher morale, decreased absenteeism due to illness and call-ins, and higher productivity in all areas!

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Our FREE monthly Employee Wellness Clinics are an easy way for you to provide your employees with various services and timely health and wellness information shared by a Registered Nurse on a regular basis. The Employee Wellness Clinics are open to all of your employees and we only require that at least ten people elect to receive Vitamin B-12 injections each month. Your first Employee Wellness Clinic can be scheduled anytime and publicized throughout your company on a trial basis to gauge the interest level. We will schedule a Registered Nurse to visit your location each month to offer FREE blood pressure checks, Vitamin B-12 injections, vaccines and simple blood tests and information about current health issues and vaccine preventable diseases that affect people of all ages.

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An easy and convenient way to relate timely information to your employees about various health and wellness issues is through our popular Lunch and Learn sessions. If your budget will not support the Health Risk Assessment program for your employees, you can offer a simpler menu of services during a Lunch and Learn session. Your employees are invited to a session at the workplace that may be planned to last thirty to sixty minutes, depending on the topic you choose. You may have them either "brown bag it (bring their own lunch) or you may cater it in, whatever you choose. Fees vary according to the time involved and services chosen. SHOTS, etc. offers a FREE Lunch and Learn session for companies who allow us the opportunity to share a detailed overview of vaccine recommendations and to administer Vitamin B-12 injections to at least ten people who are interested. The expense of the services that are administered can be paid for by the company or at the expense of the individual, whichever you choose.

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A well organized and comprehensive Employee Health Fair is a great way to give your employees access to a wide range of health and wellness information and to have FUN, as well! Exhibitors should offer information regarding nutrition, heart and lung health, exercise, relaxation, vision and dental health, personal safety, mental health and other health related topics. As an exhibitor, SHOTS, etc. offers very important information about vaccines and vaccine preventable diseases that will help keep your employees and their families safe and healthy while at work, at school and at play. We also offer Vitamin B-12 injections, simple blood screening tests and seasonal flu shots (during the fall and winter.) SHOTS, etc. is a member of Health Screening Network, a group of well-known healthcare providers who are committed to conducting a Health Fair your employees will look forward to year after year! Please call for more detailed information.